Urgent Care

You can visit us for urgent medical problems and accidents, such as sprains, lacerations and broken bones, either when your GP is unavailable or if you feel your problem is too urgent to wait for an appointment with your GP.

We have x-ray and plastering facilities available, so fractures can be diagnosed quickly and most simple fractures can be treated on site.

After the initial consultation we encourage patients to follow up with their regular GP for continuity of care. We will forward your medical notes and copies of x-ray and investigation reports to your GP – unless you request us not to. If you do not have a GP we can assist you in finding one, or you can call the GP Waiting List Enquiry Service on 04 978 4373 or 0800 55 56 57.

Please Note: We do not provide medical certificates for WINZ benefits, immigration medicals, driving or diving medicals. Please contact your GP or visit Life Clinic

Fracture Clinic

After initial treatment for a broken bone, ongoing care and follow up can be provided by our on-site fracture clinic.

The fracture clinic has appointments available on Monday afternoon and Tuesday mornings under the orthopaedic guidance of Mr Woosung Kim and our urgent care physicians and specialist fracture clinic nurses.

As this is a private clinic, there is a charge of $48 for each visit.

WAMC Fracture clinic offers:

  • Early follow-up after initial injury
  • Specific appointment times
  • Synthetic casts in a variety of colours
  • Waterproof lining for casts, where appropriate
  • Follow-up care by the fracture nurses 

On-site Facilities

Plastering Facilities

All our nurses are trained in applying plasters. Plasters can be applied at all times and you have the option of follow up care at our Fracture Clinic.

Pacific Radiology

Pacific Radiology provides us with x-ray facilities on-site. Their open hours are:
8 am - 9 pm Monday - Friday
10 am - 6 pm Saturdays and Sundays

Urgent Pharmacy

We have an Urgent Pharmacy on-site. They are open:
9 am - 10 pm Monday - Friday
8 am - 10 pm Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Phone Number: (04) 385 8810

Other clinics run from AMC premises

Sleep Well Clinic

Wellington Travel Clinic

We are open:

1 pm - 4pm Wednesdays

8:30 am - 12pm Fridays 

Our experienced travel medicine specialists will be available to provide advice on recommended or required immunisations, essential risk reduction strategies, managing existing conditions while overseas and on the treatment of common travel-related ailments.

The advice we give you is tailored to you, your health, and your trip.

Please email travel@wamc.co.nz, please also include your preferred appointment time.

Travel Clinic Fees