Fees and Payment

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High Needs Groups

After hours: weekends, public holidays, and after 5pm weekdays, there are reduced charges if you are in a high needs group.

High needs groups include patients who are registered with a Wellington Very Low Cost Access Practices (VLCA) Community Service Card (CSC) holders and High User Health Card (HUHC) holders.

Children under 14 have free medical consultations after 5pm and during the weekends. For adult weekday fees after 5pm, please refer to our fees and payment schedule.


Non New Zealanders

Non New Zealanders may be eligible for public health (hospital) funding but not necessarily for funding to see a GP or Accident & Urgent Medical Centre. Eligibility criteria are listed below. For more information, visit the Ministry of Health website.

  • Anyone living in New Zealand with a work visa which entitles them to stay in New Zealand for 2 years or more
  • Anyone living in New Zealand with a work visa for a period of time which, together with the time that person has already been lawfully in New Zealand immediately prior to obtaining the visa, equals or exceeds two years
  • Australian or UK including Northern Ireland citizens or residents
  • Refugees and applicant refugees
  • Children whose parents or legal guardians are covered by any of the categories above

Please bring in your passport for proof of eligibility.

Payment Policy

Please note that we expect payment of fees at the time of your consultation.

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

We no longer accept cheques.

We do not accept direct payment of your account from Insurance Company unless there has been a prior arrangement. You will need to pay at the time of visit and claim back from your insurer.