About us

The Wellington Accident and Urgent Medical Centre (AMC), also known as Wellington After Hours, is owned and operated by Wellington GPs. They set up AMC over 25 years ago to provide after-hours care for their patients. Later, AMC expanded to cover patients who could not access their own GP during the day, or were from out of town. We are now open every day from 8am – 11pm, no appointment necessary.

We are an ACC accredited Urgent Care (Accident and Medical) clinic. Our facilities and systems meet the audited national standard for Urgent Care clinics.

Our Values

We are a competent ethical team working to provide a quality service

Our Vision

We are a respected and trusted organisation where patients feel listened to and confident they have received the best possible care

Our Mission

To provide first-rate accident and urgent primary health care for people in Wellington, including visitors, who are unable to access their own GPs. As an urgent care medical centre, we do not register patients. We encourage people to find or return to their own GPs for ongoing care. Find a GP near you.

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